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BHP Billiton - Gulf of Mexico Transit Container Code Procedure

BHP Transit Container Code BHP Transit Container Code (585 KB)

The purpose of this Gulf of Mexico Transit Container Code Procedure (TCC) is to provide requirements, guidance and acceptable operating parameters to the personnel and companies involved in shipping and receiving cargo carrying units (CCU’s) to and from our Gulf of Mexico operations. Our goal is to alleviate “everyday” mechanical lifting and handling problems from our day-to-day Materials and Logistics operations.

Nexen - Nexen Transit Code for Offshore Baskets, Containers and Tote Tanks

Nexen Transit Container Code Nexen Transit Container Code (1847 KB)

Nexen is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees, contractors and suncontractors. The intent of this standard is to provide guidance to meet Nexen's minimum requirements for material handling, cargo operations and lifting equipment, This will apply to the Nexen, warehouse, shorebase and offshore operations carried out in the Gulf of Mexico. The goal is to eliminate day-to-day lifting and handling incidents from occuring within our material and logistics operations.

BP - Cargo Carrying Unit Specifications

BP Cargo Carrying Unit Specs BP Cargo Carrying Unit Specs (141 KB)

The purpose of this document is to establish an BP US LLC Standard for the design, construction and ongoing inspection of Cargo Carrying Units (CCU’s) complete with wire rope lifting slings. The procedure is designed to be aligned with British Standard BS 7072 and International standard DNV 2-7-1. Application of and compliance with this procedure does not however ensure compliance with either/or both of these standards.

Shell - OPS0055 Lifting and Hoisting Standard

Shell Lifting Standard Shell Lifting Standard (1686 KB)

To prevent incidents associated with lifting and hoisting, this standard establishes Shell Exploration and Production Company’s (SEPCo) requirements for the:

  • operation, maintenance, testing, certification, inspection, and design of lifting equipment, and
  • the competency and qualifications of individuals involved with these operations.

Chevron - Sling Color Code Identification Requirements at Chevron Facilities in Gulf of Mexico Business Unit

Chevron Sling Color Codes Chevron Sling Color Codes (185 KB)